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The Southern Branch of Autonomy Counseling, PLLC currently offers the following services:

Marsha Werner, PsyD, MA, LMFT, Psychology Resident, ASDCS, CCTP, CPD, DBT-C (she/her) currently provides services on this page. Learn more about Marsha by visiting her profile, here.

Mental Health Consultation

Available in: United States

Costs: $150 per 30 minutes, $255 for 60 minutes. Reduced rate of $110 per 30 minutes and $200 for students, interns, veterans, small business owners, and emergency response personnel.

Includes and not limited to:

  • Guidance and navigation for complex cases

  • Assistance with potential diagnostic considerations and treatment recommendations

  • Review of agency standing operating procedures and consent forms

  • Development of staff performance improvement plans

  • Resolution of ethical dilemmas

  • Navigating board complaints

Legal Professional Consultation

Available in: MN, ND, & FL

Cost: $150 per 30 minutes, $255 for 60 minutes. Reduced rate of $110 per 30 minutes and $200 for students, interns, veterans, and emergency response personnel.

Includes and not limited to:

  • Psychological and mental health report review

  • Preparation for cross examination, including for mental health practitioners and law enforcement personnel

  • Trauma assessments

  • Jury selection consultation

  • Expert testimony

Co-Parenting/High Conflict Divorce Coaching and Consultation

Available in: MN, ND, & FL

Cost: varies depending on case for needs and level of involvement (typically $255 per hour, billed in 1/4th increments after the first hour; however, contract for service can be negotiated for a flat monthly fee)

Includes and not limited to:

  • Development, review and revision of texts, email, and other communication

  • Phone consultation

  • Court preparation and document review

  • Collaboration with service providers

Social Investigation Review

Available: MN, ND, and FL. Court testimony in person within 100 miles of Jacksonville, FL. If beyond 100 miles, additional travel costs are incurred.

Costs: $150 per 30 minutes, $255 for 60 minutes. Reduced rate of $110 per 30 minutes and $200 for students, interns, veterans,, and emergency response personnel.

Includes and not limited to:

  • Review of completed social investigation

  • Preparation for cross examination

  • Court testimony

  • Assessment of current parenting plan and modification recommendations

Reunification Therapy

Available in: MN, ND, and FL.

Cost: Per company policy. Some insurances excepted. Can provide superbill for out of network coverage. Please contact office for details.

Service Currently Unavailable
Social Investigation Review (Custody Evaluation)*

Available in: FL within 100 miles of Jacksonville. If beyond 100 miles, additional travel costs are incurred.


  • $2,500 non-refundable replenishing retainer (split according to the language of the court order). Fees for court-related time are billed at $255 per hour which includes, but is not limited to records review and report writing, waiting for court, speaking with your attorney, meeting with your attorney, and/or actual testimony time. Reduced rate of $200 for students, interns, veterans, and emergency response personnel of either party.

  • All fees must be paid in full before assessment is completed. Court fees are typically split 50/50 between the parties unless the court order states differently.

  • Typical costs range from $4,000 to $8,000 without court testimony and $7,000 - $11,000 with testimony. These maybe higher in more severe complex cases. The evaluation process is extensive and includes gathering and integrating data from several sources.

  • There is a minimum fee of 4 hours required for any deposition or court appearance regardless of the actual time spent, or if the case is cancelled or postponed when the evaluator arrives. The party that requests the deposition may be responsible for the full fee unless the court order states differently.

Prepare/Enrich Couple's Workshop

(includes 10 couples; each additional couple $150 with a max of 20 couples)

Available in: Continental United States

Cost: $1,500 a day; $1,250 per day for non-profits and veteran owned businesses plus travel costs. Agencies are welcome split and reduce travel costs by booking consecutive days.


  • Prepare/Enrich assessments (a $35 value per couple)

  • Couple’s Report Copies

  • Discussion Guides

  • Couples Workbooks

  • May include Catholic, Nondenominational, or Non-Faith communities

  • Certificate of Complication (may reduce marriage license cost in some states)

  • For more information:

*What are social investigations?

Social Investigations are often used when more extensive information is needed about children and parents involved in high-conflict cases when the issues of time-sharing and parental responsibility are in dispute. It is a process by which an impartial professional completes an investigation and makes recommendations to the court regarding the best interest of the child(ren).

Custody Evaluation Relevant Details

  • To ensure neutrality, parents are not allowed to contact or send documentation directly to the evaluator during investigation. All parent communication during investigation must go through counsel and is minimized or prohibited according to jurisdiction. Any ex parte communication is documented. This does not prohibit evaluator from requesting follow-up information or documentation.

  • No interim recommendations or treatment interventions are allowed. No advice or therapeutic intervention is given to anyone involved in the evaluation process.

  • Must be hired in the official role of a child evaluator to provide an opinion to attorneys or courts regarding child custody. The evaluator will only offer opinions to the court on issues directly from the court order of appointment or signed stipulation.

  • Required records and signed releases must be received within one week of the evaluation commencing. Evaluator will identify and report any incomplete, unreliable, or missing data and provide an explanation if possible.

  • Neither party can be a current or formal treatment client or a client’s family member. Please check before court appointment to ensure there is not any conflict of interest.

  • Interviews must be scheduled within one week of court appointment. Each party is responsible for calling and scheduling initial interview.

  • Late cancelations (less than 24 hours) and no-shows are charged full hourly fee and are documented.

May include and not limited to:

  • Interviews of parents and other important caretakers

  • Private interviews of children

  • Contact with others living in each home

  • Interviews with objective character references submitted by each parent (2 per each parent; additional character reference interviews may be required to independently pay)

  • Home visitation

  • Observations of each child in different settings, including with each adult in parenting role

  • Screening for domestic violence and abuse; all allegations are investigated and/or reported according to mandatory reporting guidelines

  • Contact with relevant professionals, such as teachers, coaches, doctors, counselors, daycare providers, employers

  • Review of relevant police, court, medical, counseling, educational and other records

  • Communication data, which can include social media

  • Completion of relevant surveys, questionnaires, and psychometric assessments as requested

Please note

A service charge will apply if I process your credit card through Square. You may use your credit card through Venmo to avoid these charges.

Please note that all clients are required to have an active credit or debit card on file prior to your first appointment.  This card will be the card charged for services unless you request to pay via an alternative payment method at the time of your appointment.

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