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Accepting New Clients

Some providers are currently waitlisting new clients. You may have to wait 2-6 weeks or longer depending on availability. Contact the office to find out more about a particular provider. 

  • Our providers consistently want to improve our therapeutic skills regardless of our education, training, expertise, or length of time in the field.
  • We believe that all humans, including therapists, are fallible and make mistakes. We encourage patient feedback directly to our staff.
  • Additionally, we would like your input on the services you have received. Would you please fill out the anonymous survey to help us improve?
  • Our staff believes in the assumptions within Dialectal Behavioral Therapy, created by Marsha Linehan.

Our Beliefs about Therapists

  • The most caring thing a therapist can do is help patients change in ways that bring them closer to their ultimate goals.
  • Clarity, precision, and compassion are of utmost importance.
  • The therapeutic relationship is a real relationship between equals.
  • Principles of behavior are universal, affecting therapists no less than patients.

Our Beliefs About Patients

  • Patients are doing the best they can.
  • Patients want to improve.
  • Patients need to do, better try harder, and be more motivated to change.
  • Patients must learn new behaviors in all relevant contexts.
  • Patients may not have caused all of their own problems, but they have to solve them anyway.


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